Emmanuel's Story

We've loved to share with you the journey of Emmanuel. 
Emmanuel was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and with a Qualitative Platelet condition, but that doesn't hinder him to live a good and blessed life. We will share with you his miracles and his daily life's journey.

The Miracle Boy

Emmanuel was blessed with so many miracles. He is a loving boy, every body adores. He wants to be a YOUTUBER and get a MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. 


Emmanuel started playing minecraft when he was 6 years old, and he consider himself a minecraft pro. He is really good at it. Play with him. His gamer tag is Emmanuel1130


His cousin Rafa introduce him to play Roblox last 2018 and he's loving it. You can join him his gamer tag is emminecraftpro

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The A.R.E squad 


The Genius

At a young age, Audrix already knows a lot. He likes watching educational science videos rather than cartoons.


The Protector

Rafa is a Taekwondo Red Belter champion, not only in the Philippines but he already competed internationally. 


The Miracle Boy

"God is with us" that is Emmanuel. God blessed Emmanuel with so many countless miracles. 

He is the founder of the ARE Squad.